For many Brown employees, the work they do at the University is more than a job. It’s an opportunity to learn from 而且 collaborate with similarly driven individuals 而且 experts in their fields. It's being part of a community that values 而且 supports learning, 帮助个人专业发展, take on new challenges 而且 have an impact locally 而且 globally.


被评为美国最佳州内雇主 2022(福布斯)


“美国最佳中型企业雇主” 2022(福布斯)

蓝十字 & 罗德岛工地健康蓝盾奖

American Heart Association Workplace 健康 Achievement

Named 前10名 Best 大学 而且 Universities to Work For by Business 188bet注册 Guide


前10名 雇主在罗德岛


5,490 总员工



1,000 每年新增就业岗位



17% 多样化的员工

Roughly 17% of staff are from historically underrepresented groups


188bet注册 is a leading research university distinct for its student-centered learning 而且 deep sense of purpose. 188bet亚洲真人体育下载网址的学生, faculty 而且 staff are driven by the idea that their work will have an impact in the world.

对学术卓越的承诺, intellectual freedom 而且 making an impact to better serve people, communities 而且 society is at the center of everything we do. This commitment is brought to life each 而且 every day by the work of faculty 而且 staff across a wide range of Brown schools, 部门, 办公室, 中心, 项目和举措.


超过两个半世纪了, Brown has been deeply connected to the diverse 而且 vibrant city of 普罗维登斯 — as a neighbor, employer 而且 institution dedicated to a mission of education, 188bet注册与服务.


188bet亚洲真人体育下载网址是一个以共同价值观为指导的社区, 坚持不懈地致力于多样性, 公平与包容, 而且 a fundamental commitment to supporting one another.


Our faculty 而且 staff are uncommonly driven by the idea that their work will have an impact — locally 而且 throughout the world.

“当我在海军陆战队的时候, it felt like a family because you go through so many things together, 你们建立了这种特殊的纽带. 现在我在188bet注册,我在这里也有这种感觉.”
胡安娜·德·洛斯·桑托斯 Assistant Vice President of Equal Opportunity 而且 Diversity
“我的工作对我来说很有意义. I’m honored to be part of the team that one day will eradicate malaria. 这是我有过的最好的机会.”
Sunthorn Pond-Tor 病理学系实验室经理 & 实验医学
“在188bet亚洲真人体育下载网址, 他们希望员工成长, 而且 your supervisor is going to help you get to that next step in your career.”
帕特丽夏Vescera Operations 而且 Students Affairs Manager, the Warren Alpert Medical School
“I’ve always considered myself a loyal employee that works hard to add value to the company. It feels good to have the opposite be true, where the organization is investing in you too.”
伊桑•赫伯特 招生经理 & Enrollment Services, Division of Pre-College 而且 本科 Programs

Brown has a longst而且ing partnership with Building Futures, a 普罗维登斯 nonprofit that allows Rhode Isl而且ers from all backgrounds to learn the fundamentals of a wide variety of construction trades without paying tuition or incurring debt. 从2007年到2022年的15年间, 355 apprentices hired by Building Futures have logged hundreds of thous而且s of labor hours across 25 different construction projects at Brown.


“I can’t tell you how important this campus has been in getting our men 而且 women to work daily to make a decent middle-class living. We’re forever appreciative of it 而且 see Brown as a real economic element in the City of 普罗维登斯 而且 the State of Rhode Isl而且.”
- Scott Duhamel Rhode Isl而且 Building Trades 而且 Construction Council
“I cannot overstate the impact that our partnership with Brown has had not only for Building Futures graduates, 但是在整个州. It means that 355 people who were experiencing poverty now have a middle-class life.”
- Andrew Cortés Building Futures的执行董事


Questions related to completing the federal form CC-305 or requesting accommodations at the application, interview or employment stages of the process can be directed confidentially to Employee 可访问性 Services: (电子邮件保护). 该大学的 美国残疾人协会就业政策 还提供其他信息.


根据 Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy 而且 Campus Crime Statistics Act (Clery法案), the Department of Public Safety is required to publish an annual security report which includes statistics m而且ated by the Clery行为. 获取一份拷贝 年度报告 online, or by contacting Public Safety at 401-863-3103.


《188bet亚洲真人体育下载网址》与性别平等 Office at 188bet注册 is responsible for ensuring compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which protects people from sex discrimination in educational programs 而且 activities at institutions that receive federal financial assistance. 188bet注册两个策略 而且 程序 禁止性骚扰, 基于性别的骚扰, 性侵犯, 约会暴力, 家庭暴力, 和被人跟踪. Reports or Formal Complaints of conduct prohibited under these policies can be submitted via email to (电子邮件保护) 或通过 性暴力 & 性别骚扰事件报告表格.