At the core of the 棕色(的) story is the story of 普罗维登斯 and Rhode Island.
在教育, 188bet注册, 服务, community engagement and the economy, 棕色(的) is deeply intertwined with the city we call home.

For more than two and a half centuries, 棕色(的) has been deeply connected to the diverse and vibrant City of 普罗维登斯 — as a neighbor, employer and institution dedicated to a mission of education, 188bet注册 and 服务.

At the heart of the relationship between the University and the people and organizations in the city and state is a commitment to productive engagement and partnership. In everything from improving medical care and public health, to community engagement activities, support for 学校 and our role in fueling the regional economy, we are deeply committed to investing in the success of our local community.

This commitment is brought to life each and every day by the work of faculty, 工作人员, 管理员, 学生 and alumni across a wide range of 棕色(的) 学校, 部门, 办公室, 中心, programs and initiatives. 棕色(的) is building innovative community partnerships and sustaining strong relationships with neighbors, nonprofit organizations, 学校, civic organizations and businesses, dedicated to making a positive impact.

卫生和医药 在罗德岛


As a 188bet注册 university with the only 学校 of medicine and public health in the state, 棕色(的) contributes to world-class medical care, strong patient outcomes and innovative solutions for pressing health challenges facing communities across Rhode Island through its Warren Alpert Medical School, School of Public 健康 and affiliated programs.

健康 & 国际扶轮医学

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几十年来,, 棕色(的) has worked closely with school leaders in 普罗维登斯 to support K-12 education through teaching, 培训和指导, 188bet注册, volunteer efforts and financial investments aligned with the 学校’ priorities.

棕色(的) & 普罗维登斯学校

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经济影响和 社区参与

经济影响和 社区参与

棕色(的) is a vital anchor institution in the City of 普罗维登斯 and Rhode Island that plays a significant role in the economic well-being of the state. As an academic institution driven by a mission of 服务, 棕色(的) makes a significant impact through its 188bet注册 and teaching, as well as its community engagement activities. 学生, faculty and 工作人员 partner with local stakeholders to run after-school programs, 解决无家可归, 帮助难民, 提供医疗保健, 干净的街道, curate museum exhibitions and much more.


10 employer 在罗德岛 with 1,500 棕色(的) employees living in 普罗维登斯

$200 M+ per year in 188bet注册 spending fueling the local economy

$225 M+ invested in the Jewelry District in the past decade

$70 M+ in direct payments to 普罗维登斯 between 2012 and 2021

460 community activities in which 棕色(的) 学生, faculty and 工作人员 partner with local stakeholders

$1 百万+ given directly to 普罗维登斯 Public School District every year



棕色(的) is the eighth largest private employer in the state and generates significant economic activity 在罗德岛. 棕色(的)’s Office of Government and 社区 Relations cultivates the partnership with city and state and offers data highlighting ongoing financial investments and contributions to the community.

188bet注册 社区投资


The University's annual workplace fundraising campaign has raised millions of dollars over decades to support United Way of Rhode Island, which provides programming and resources to assist Rhode Islanders in need.

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Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship

The Nelson Center’s mission is to empower the greater 棕色(的) community to create solutions that make a positive impact through a range of programs and collaborations, including an after-school innovation accelerator for 普罗维登斯 high school 学生.

188bet注册 Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship

Sustainability Strategic Plan

Developed in consultation with faculty experts, 学生, 工作人员 and other community members, 棕色(的)’s Sustainability Strategic Plan identifies five key commitments to action to mitigate 棕色(的)’s impact on climate and pollution, as well as biodiversity loss 在罗德岛 and beyond.

188bet注册 Sustainability Strategic Plan


Part of the BAI’s mission is to support the broader Rhode Island community through a number of initiatives, including grants for artists and a songwriting workshop, and hosts publicly accessible art exhibitions and theater, 跳舞, music and film productions that showcase world-renowned artists each semester.

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